1. Volero'

From the recording 1. The Run Up


They call me Johnny, it ain’t my name
I’m not from here, but who cares, it’s the same
The place I come from, is far away
If you close your eyes, it’s just minutes away
but then she came, she saved my life
She told me Johnny, you can fly
Volero’, volero’, io volero’, johnny will fly
I don’t know Jesus of Nazareth but
I know Icarus, he is my best friend
He built his own wings, to fly away
They say he flew too high but, it’s a lie, yes it’s a lie
So Johnny go, fly high
And don’t you dare, be afraid at all
It’s ok to fall, there’s no shame (no shame)
Learn from your mistakes, take off away
Volero’, volero’, io volero’, Johnny will fly
Like a hawk, up in the sky, Johnny will fly, will fly away
I wanna fly up in the sky, I wanna be there really high
I wanna break free from this site, I wanna thank you for this
life I’ll be smiling as I glide, spreading my wings really
wide, and I’ll be wondering what took you so long to come and tell me
I can fly, yes I can fly, si volero’, johnny will fly
Like a hawk, up in the sky, johnny will fly, will fly away
It can be our dream