Band Members

The members of Vittorio and the Bridges

Vittorio Raimondi

Lead singer, songwriter, guitar

Vittorio is Italian. He moved to Minneapolis in 2008 with his young family after living 2 years in Bergen (Norway) and 8 years in London (UK). Vittorio visited or traveled for work to over 60 countries until covid reset everything and an unexpected new space became available to listen and channel his emotions. Lost in Space, Vittorio’s first song, came out during a bike ride in the spring of 2020; he now has over 25 songs that he performs solo or with his band at every possible opportunity

Michael Muilenburg


Michael Muilenburg joined Vittorio and the Bridges on bass guitar in 2022. He plays guitar, bass, and  mandolin - you can find him teaching, playing live, or in the studio working with a wide array of collaborators. His playing style is clean, melodic, and rhythmic - always trying to serve the song by infusing chords and lead lines, counter-melodies, subtle movement, and a steady rhythmic pulse.

You can find sample of his ambient, alternative, and pop music at:


Jody Sipe


Fueled with a passion for music, particularly drums and percussion, Jody has studied, recorded and played extensively in groups that include jazz, concert, and rock bands to an innovative, contemporary Indonesian percussion ensemble, Gong Java. With his varied musical experience, Jody brings a sweet touch of rhythm to Vittorio and the Bridges. 

Andy Healy

Lead Guitar

Throughout his musical journey Andy has picked up and plays several instruments including the mandolin and cello.  He still has (and plays) the guitar his parents gave him when he was  11 years old - a guitar he traveled with  and played in Europe during a year-long bicycle trip.  Andrew spends most of his days with his head in the clouds thinking about music, chemistry and physics.