The song Volero' leans much closer to pop than rock. It’s a little like Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side,” in that regard. You get the feeling, though, this group nevertheless has a rock and roll heart. There are only pop elements woven inside the track to give it a more appealing veneer. However, one imagines this is a group that can also break out with some stomping rock and roll when they want to/need to.” - Dan MacIntosh


“The Run Up” kicks off with the invigorating “Volerò,” a track that instantly grabs your attention with its captivating rhythms and brilliant vocal lines. The seamless fusion of English and Italian lyrics adds a layer of sophistication, inviting listeners into a rich cultural experience. Following closely is “Daniel Adios,” an evocative and intriguing composition that delves into the depths of life experiences. The song’s lyrical depth resonates with authenticity, creating a powerful connection between the band and its audience. The EP concludes with the mesmerizing “America,” a track that not only showcases the band’s musical creativity and versatility but also explores themes that reflect on the human experience. The fusion of languages mirrors the band’s international background, making each song a unique journey.” - Samuel Fredrickson

Planet Singer

It’s a great song, a mix of Springsteen-esque street narratives and gentle, lilting pop-rock, but the vocal treatment, in particular, raises Volero’ from the ranks of being a good song into something extraordinary.” - Dave Franklin

Dancing about architecture

From the opening strum of acoustic guitar, “Volero” sets the stage for a journey of self-discovery and liberation. The vocals of Vittorio Raimondi channel the spirit of a modern-day storytelling folk singer. He weaves a tale of transformation, shedding his past as “Johnny” and embracing the freedom of flight. The lyrics, both in English and Italian, are imbued with a raw vulnerability and an undying spirit, urging listeners to “spread their wings wide” and defy any limitations.” - Keith Pro

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